ULX v3.80 and ULib 2.70
August 04, 2022, 07:17:19 PM
We at Team Ulysses are excited to announce the latest releases of ULX and ULib. We are proud to have served the Garry's Mod community for the past seventeen years with our scripts.

This update contains the last 5 years worth of little things, some of which are outlined below. There were a lot of little things that didn't make it into the changelogs though. We're try and be better about that in the future. This update represents 5 years of bug fixes and feature additions. The biggest addition in this version is bans now being handled by the built in SQLite SQL engine. This should increase stability and security of your server by quite a bit.

Check out the full changelog below:

Quote from: ULib changelog
* [ADD] Hook when a new, previously unknown access is registered. UCLChanged is now called as well.
* [CHANGE] Moved bans to SQLite.
* [CHANGE] Listen server hosts can no longer be banned (thanks, lewez).
* [CHANGE] Use game hooks instead of timer for player name change detection (thanks, lewez).
* [FIX] Lua error with unspecified optional player arguments from server console (thanks, Timmy).
* [FIX] Overridden chat commands now respect the hidden-state (thanks, Timmy).
* [FIX] _u now routes directly to intended functions instead of through concommands. No longer outputs error on server console when invalid parameters are passed from a client.
* [FIX] Fixed a command injection exploit in banid.

Quote from: ULX changelog
* [CHANGE] Muted players can no longer use psay (thanks, PixeLInc).
* [FIX] Don't respawn when done spectating if the user was not alive to start with (Thanks, PixeLInc).
* [FIX] XGUI: Some CAMI-registered accesses may not have shown up in the menus.
* [FIX] XGUI: Player list on the Cmds tab was not sorted alphabetically.
* [FIX] XGUI: Server data was potentially being sent down twice to clients on join.

You can find these releases at our homepage. Workshop users will automatically update to these new versions.

Registration on forums limited to Steam accounts only
January 23, 2020, 02:31:57 PM
In order to combat forum spam, we have locked new account registration down to Steam accounts only.

For NEW accounts: You can only register with a Steam account. See the picture below for instructions on registering and logging in. You follow the same steps either way.

For EXISTING accounts: There is no change. You can sign in the same way you always have.

If you absolutely cannot register with a Steam account for some reason, you can join us on Discord and request we manually set you up with an account. Discord link: https://discord.gg/242f4QG

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New Team Member: Timmy
August 17, 2019, 04:01:59 PM
We would like to welcome Timmy to the Ulysses Team!

Timmy has been a huge asset to our team as a community member, contributing much in the way of code that has found its way into the official release as well as many hours of help supporting others here on the forums.

Timmy's skills will be a great asset to our team, and we are excited to see what he brings to the table going forward!


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Community Discord Server
July 13, 2019, 10:34:41 AM
Hey everyone! I am pleased to announce that we have a discord server!

Feel free to hop on and talk with us about anything!

You can also use this space to get help with ULX or even provide help to other users who might be having problems if you so choose!

I look forward to seeing you there!


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ULX v3.73 and ULib 2.63
March 21, 2017, 01:34:34 PM
Proving that we can still release updates more than once per year, we have released a new version of ULX and ULib.

Changelogs below:

Quote from: ULX changelog
* [CHANGE] Setting an ULX cvar now no longer needless routes the cvar change through the console.

Quote from: ULib changelog
* [FIX] Server errors when loading massive ban lists.

You can find these releases at our homepage. Workshop users will automatically update to these new versions.