What is Ulysses?
Ulysses is a collective term for all our Garry's Mod projects. Please do not refer to any individual project as Ulysses.

Our motto is "Striving for Simplicity", and if you've ever used any of our projects, you'll know it's true!

Our History
Ulysses began humbly in January of 2005 as a simple artificial intelligence (AI) mod. It allowed users to manipulate NPCs, manipulations such as telling one NPC to attack another, or to group NPCs into teams.

Of course, it quickly grew beyond only AI and in version 2, under the name of UGM (Ultimate Garrysmod Minimod), it reorganized the props menu into a more logical and understandable format.

The versions flew by, each successive version adding more features. Unfortunately, UGM began to form an identity crisis from bloated features. Was it an AI suite? A map and model pack? Or was it nothing more than a reorganized menu? All of this led to a rather abrupt halt in development, the project was simply too large and complex to maintain properly. We learned from our mistakes, and all our subsequent projects have received the proper attention and support they deserve.

ULX is the oldest lua-based administration mod released for Gmod, and it is the admin mod that almost every other admin mod has compared itself to or claimed to be better than. Not just an ordinary administration mod with kick/ban features, ULX contains many useful features to assist in administration and server management (reserved slots, detailed logs), or just fun punishments (blind, slap, maul). Combined with its module system and a supportive forum community of developers and ULX users, the possibilities of extensibility are virtually endless.

ULX SVN is constantly evolving to keep up with advancements in Garry's Mod. XGUI, our new menu system in SVN allows for the dynamic configuration of almost every item held within the ULX environment, provides quick access to commands, and has active user, group, and team management-- all from within your favorite gamemode of choice. While XGUI aims to please the graphic oriented users, ULX's core functionality still allows for complete configuration and administration of servers where admins prefer to use raw console access.

ULib is the sun of the Ulysses galaxy, all other projects use and revolve around ULib. ULib, which stands for Ulysses Library, provides all our projects with comprehensive helper functions. It also features our Ulysses Control List (UCL), providing us and you with a reliable admin list control for your server.

Our Website
We would like to give our team member Stickly Man! a shout out for doing a geat job on our website. We also thank forum member Decicus for our favicon.