December 12, 2015, 09:24:20 AM
ULX and ULib now on Workshop
ULX and ULib are now available on Workshop, for your server auto-updating pleasure. You must subscribe to both for ULX to work.

In the future, only release versions of ULX and ULib will be posted on Workshop. We are going to increase the pace of our releases so there won't be year long gaps between releases anymore, especially for bug fixes. For now, we will keep Workshop relatively in sync with GitHub.

We will modify our download page to include any Workshop items we have available, but for now, you can find Workshop ULX and ULib at the following URLs:

If you're running a listen server, just click the "subscribe" buttons. For a dedicated server, the Garry's Mod wiki has some instructions on how to subscribe to addons.

Let us know what you think of distributing ULX and ULib this way!

November 14, 2015, 07:56:51 PM
Moving GitHub Repository Location
To better organize our projects and provide a better way to manage updates in the future, we are separating out each of our projects into their own repositories. This will also be helpful for server owners who wish to use Git to update ULX and ULib on their servers. Additionally, we have created an organization on GitHub that will host all of our current and future projects in one central location.

Starting immediately, we will no longer be supplying updates or fixes to the old GitHub repository. We will be removing it at the end of this year, so please get your servers and links updated to the new locations as soon as possible!







All of our projects, bugs and issues, code and commits

Stickly Man!
March 09, 2015, 09:53:57 PM
ULX v3.62 and ULib v2.52 -- Inerrans
In light of the recent Garry's Mod update, we've decided to package up our latest bugfixes and put out a new release! This should help get the important fixes and new features out to as many users as possible. Our new release have been codenamed "Inerrans".

So what's new? Along with lots of bugfixes and ideas from our community, We've added a couple new commands: "ulx return" will return a target to their previous position after a teleport, and "ulx stopvote" will stop a vote that's currently in process. Additionally, if you try to run a command with a partial name of a player that matches multiple users, a list of those users will be presented to you to help you find your target.

XGUI's ban menu got an overhaul- ban information is now shown in pages, and we've added better search, filtering, AND sorting options! The ban information is longer downloaded to each admin on join- instead, the ban data is only requested when needed to avoid lag spikes.

Check out the full changelog below:

Quote from: ULib changelog
* [ADD] Admin parameter to ULib.unban for overriding purposes (Thanks for the idea, MStruntze).
* [ADD] A list of players is presented when a target string for getUser matches more than one player (Thanks, RhapsodySL).
* [FIX] ULib.ucl.registerAccess not allowing an access tag to be registered to no groups.
* [FIX] Several incorrect file I/O calls (Thanks, Q4-Bi).
* [FIX] Hook priority being messed up for parent hook when hooks are called recursively (Thanks, NoBrainCZ).
* [FIX] Some fiddly-bits with group case-sensitivity (Thanks, BryanFlannery).
* [CHANGE] hook.Run to match Garry's changes.
* [CHANGE] ULib.HOOK_LOCALPLAYERREADY is now called on InitPostEntity instead of OnEntCreate.

Quote from: ULX changelog
* [ADD] "ulx return" to return target to previous location they were in before a teleport command was used (Thanks for the idea, ludalex).
* [ADD] Networked variables for gimp, mute, and gag (Thanks iSnipeu).
* [ADD] XGUI: Added more sorting and filtering options for bans.
* [ADD] "ulx stopvote" to stop a vote currently in progress (Thanks, LuaTenshi).
* [ADD] XGUI: Added "onClose" event for modules that need it. (Suggested by arduinium).
* [FIX] Ban reason and the person who started the voteban is now reported in "ulx voteban" bans (Thanks iSnipeu).
* [FIX] An API change causing an error to be thrown at the end of "ulx maul" (Thanks Decicus).
* [FIX] NULL entity error after votekick on a player that left the server, now sends message stating that votekicked player already left.
* [FIX] PlayerDeath hook errors in certain gamemodes where invalid entites are sent as the killer or victim. (Thanks Mechanical Mind).
* [FIX] JailTP command now saves last player position, now works with "ulx return". (Thanks jakej78b).
* [FIX] XGUI: Slider label widths were extra large due to a slight change in default numslider behavior. (Thanks Fuzzik).
* [FIX] Garry's Mod update caused users to be banned faster than expected, log then incorrectly stated that (Console) was banned.
* [FIX] Garry's Mod update prevented votebans from working.
* [FIX] Garry's Mod update caused server crash when kicking/banning yourself via chat command.
* [FIX] Bug with spectate and respawning (Thanks Sjokomelk).
* [FIX] Bug when changing weapons while cloaked, weapons would stay invisible after uncloaking. (Thanks Z0mb1n3).
* [FIX] Could not assign BOTs to groups via ulx adduserid or XGUI. (Thanks RhapsodySL).
* [FIX] Fixed bug where XGUI would not start on dev branch of Garry's Mod. Changed to init on ULib.HOOK_LOCALPLAYERREADY instead of ULib.HOOK_UCLAUTH.
* [FIX] MOTD not enabled message would display for all players instead of the player who tried to open the motd. (Thanks TheClonker).
* [CHANGE] "PlayerSay" hooks are now only called serverside. (Thanks NoBrainCZ).
* [CHANGE] Logging now prints how long a user took to join the server.
* [CHANGE] XGUI: Updated cvarlist for sandbox and wiremod limits.
* [CHANGE] XGUI: Many Ban menu improvements. Entire banlist is no longer sent on join- data subset is now requested by the client and sent from the server.
* [CHANGE] XGUI: Ban list is now paginated instead of a giant scrollable list.
* [CHANGE] XGUI: ULX Bans and other (or "Source Bans") are no longer separated.
* [CHANGE] ULX vote variable is now global so other addons can tell if a vote is in progress. ulx.doVote() also returns whether or not it actually started a vote (Thanks for the ideas, arduinium).
* [CHANGE] XGUI: Changed gamemode dropdown on maps tab to honor player/group restrictions. (Thanks chaos12135).

You can find these releases at our homepage. Enjoy!

Stickly Man!
March 09, 2015, 11:14:55 AM
Garry's Mod Update and XGUI not working -- 3/9/2015
A lot of people have been posting about issues with the recent Garry's Mod update and XGUI not opening. Everything is currently fixed and working fine on our development version of ULX, and we will be putting out a new release version as soon as we can.

If you need the fix immediately, please download the latest copy of ULX and ULib from our GitHub page, or via SVN.

Stickly Man!
November 23, 2014, 06:37:02 PM
You can now sign-in, register, or link your account using Steam or Google
To make your lives slightly less complicated and less password-filled, you can now sign-in, register, or link your forum account with various social networks. Included in the list of the networks we support are GitHub, Facebook, Google, and Steam.