November 23, 2014, 06:37:02 PM
You can now sign-in, register, or link your account using Steam or Google
To make your lives slightly less complicated and less password-filled, you can now sign-in, register, or link your forum account with various social networks. Included in the list of the networks we support are GitHub, Facebook, Google, and Steam.

May 16, 2014, 09:41:28 PM
NEW Member of Team Ulysses, MrPresident
Team Ulysses would like to welcome our newest crew member; MrPresident!

MrPresident has been part of the Ulysses community for several years as a moderator and has worked on his own personal web and Lua projects for even longer.
His lua background writing gamemodes, SQL related wrappers and other personal modules for the ULX community will help in rounding out our team.

We look forward to his continued work and Ulysses project contributions, and expect that his additional support will lead to new and wonderful contributions.
Keep an eye out for great things to come.

Welcome to the team MrPresident!

August 30, 2013, 03:37:43 PM
ULX v3.61 and ULib v2.51 -- Muyaku
This one brings the fix you have all been waiting patiently for -- the workaround Garry's file I/O breakages.

Our new releases have been codenamed "Muyaku". So what else has changed in ULib 2.51 and ULX 3.61? XGUI has gained a nice ability to search bans, thanks to our own forum member iSnipeu. Full details can be seen below.

Quote from: ULib changelog
   * [FIX] ULib.ucl.userAllow not working on disconnected players (Thanks, JackYack13).
   * [FIX] Issue with setting groups with capitals in the group name (Thanks, FPtje!).
   * [FIX] Calling SetUserGroup not passing on information to clients (Thanks, Bo98).
   * [FIX] Garry's File I/O bugs by wrapping all his I/O.
   * [FIX] A user group lower casing that no longer belonged in the code (Thanks, iamalexer).
   * [FIX] Some issues with casing in ULib commands (Thanks, TheSpy7).
   * [FIX] Invalid time restrictions throwing an error (Thanks, Scratch).
   * [FIX] A problem with targeting in single player (Effected XGUI. Thanks, bender180).
   * [FIX] A problem with self-target restrictions breaking commands under certain conditions (Thanks, iSnipeu).
   * [FIX] A bug with being able to update replicated variables after running a listen server and then joining another server.
   * [REMOVED] Temp garry-patch for reading from the data directory that appears to be fixed now.

Quote from: ULX changelog
   * [ADD] cl_pickupplayers (defaults to 1) to allow an admin to disable the ability to pickup players (so they don't do it on accident). Done in collaboration with FPtje.
   * [ADD] %curmap% and %steamid% variables in "ulx showMotd" URL for custom-served MOTDs (Thanks Mors-Quaedam).
   * [ADD] XGUI: Bans are now searchable. (Thanks to iSnipeu for the code contribution!)
   * [FIX] "#" (Pound signs) removing content in ulx asay (Thanks bener180).
   * [FIX] Reserved slot mode 3 not kicking the shortest connected player as it is supposed to (Thanks monkstick).
   * [FIX] No longer able to physgun frozen players (Thanks ms333).
   * [FIX] XGUI: Added checks to prevent admins from being able to edit ban information past their restrictions (Thanks Zaph).
   * [FIX] XGUI: Infobar text no longer displaying.
   * [FIX] XGUI: Error caused when closing the fban window after the targeted player has left the server (Thanks nathan736).
   * [FIX] XGUI: Issues with handling min / max number restrictions.
   * [FIX] XGUI: Map icons not loading.
   * [FIX] XGUI: Ban menu bugfixes.
   * [CHANGE] Jail models. The jail is slightly bigger and can't be shot through anymore (Thanks Mors-Quaedam).
   * [CHANGE] Updated PvP damage cvar to reflect Garry's changes (Thanks Mors-Quadam).
   * [CHANGE] "ulx gag" now uses a server-side hook (much more robust).

As always, you can download them at our homepage.

January 27, 2013, 07:30:02 PM
ULX v3.60 and ULib 2.50 -- Kolmetoista -- Plus 8 year history lesson!
Thank you all once again for continuing to support the oldest Garry's Mod addon, created by the longest-running developers! We know many of you choose our releases because they are stable and shiny.  ;D

We have been developing for Garry's Mod for over eight years now, and would like to share our history with you for a moment. Through these years, many of our ideas were incorporated directly into Garry's Mod. This may not have been intentional on Garry's part, there were a number of features we implemented before he did. For better or worse, we have set some standards in various areas of Garry's Mod development; admin mods and prop protectors (with UPS and CPPI) are our two largest areas of influence recently.

Our new releases have been codenamed "Kolmetoista". So what's changed in ULib 2.50 and ULX 3.60?

Quote from: ULX changelog
v3.60 - *(01/27/13)*
   * [ADD] "ulx jailtp" - A combination of tp <player> and jail <player> (Thanks HellFox).
   * [ADD] "ulx resettodefaults" - Resets ULX and ULib config to defaults.
   * [ADD] XGUI: Added ability to edit lower-level restrictions from a higher-level group.
   * [CHANGE] ULX ban now supports restricting of time/string formats.
   * [CHANGE] !teleport chat command is now also aliased as !tp.
   * [CHANGE] XGUI: Utilizes ULib's more robust ID Targeting system.
   * [CHANGE] XGUI: Controls added to utilize time/string formats and restrictions.
   * [CHANGE] XGUI: No longer duplicates ULX replicated cvars (ulx_cl_) due to ULib changes. Uses the regular ulx_ cvars directly.
   * [CHANGE] XGUI: Supports new values for sv_alltalk.
   * [CHANGE] XGUI: A few changes to update look and feel. Matches Derma/GWEN skin colors better in some areas.
   * [CHANGE] XGUI: No longer retrieves sandbox limits from the web. Included with download.
   * [FIX] Garry breakages in GM13.
   * [FIX] An exclusivity bug in "ulx freeze" (Thanks infinitywraith).
   * [FIX] A console bug when trying to ulx teleport another player (Thanks infinitywraith).
   * [FIX] "ulx gimp" not obeying chat anti-spam (Thanks ruok2bu).
   * [FIX] "ulx userdeny" not logging properly in some cases.
   * [FIX] An echo incorrectly going to all users for "ulx votekick" (Thanks JackYack13).
   * [FIX] Module cross-contamination in end.lua (Thanks Pon-3).
   * [FIX] Team vs public chat doing the opposite of what it should for logs and "/me" actions. Wonder how long ago Garry needlessly changed that API without us noticing.
   * [FIX] Promotion bug after using "ulx userallow" on a regular user. (Thanks JackYack13).
   * [FIX] Server crash when jail is placed inside trigger_remove brush. (Thanks HellFox).
   * [FIX] XGUI: Changed startup code to initialize faster, handle strange server load scenarios better.
   * [FIX] XGUI: BoolArgs in the Cmds tab now obey restrictions.

Quote from: ULib changelog
v2.50 - *(01/27/13)*
   * [ADD] ULib.pcallError -- Does what global PCallError used to do before it was removed.
   * [ADD] Shows reasons to kicked person upon kick or ban (Thanks FPtje!).
   * [ADD] Operator to target only a specific group, ignoring inheritance ('#').
   * [ADD] Operator to target a specific id ('$').
   * [ADD] ULib.namedQueueFunctionCall to allow scripts to create their own queues separate of the main one.
   * [ADD] The ability to have aliased chat commands.
   * [FIX] The usual assortment of garry breakages.
   * [FIX] Changed away from our custom implementation of datastream to use Garry's new net library.
   * [FIX] Error with returning from invisibility when the player has no weapons (Thanks HellFox).
   * [FIX] "ULibCommandCalled" hook not being called on chat commands (Thanks Adult).
   * [CHANGE] Replicated cvars aren't actually relying on source replication anymore since Garry broke it (but they function the same).
   * [CHANGE] Lots of changes to match GM13.
   * [CHANGE] NumArg now allows for time string format.
   * [CHANGE] Hook library to match garry's. hook.isInHook was removed, no longer able to support with garry's changes.

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October 24, 2012, 05:52:59 PM
BETA ULib 2.50 and ULX 3.60 for GM13
We are happy to announce that we are mostly good to go with ULib and ULX on GM13. Everything should be working at 100% with the exception of XGUI. Once XGUI is ready for GM13 we will offer the traditional .zip download and upload to Workshop.

Until then, GM13 support is via SVN or Git only!
SVN URL for ULib:
Don't try to open these links in your browser, they are for SVN client use only. If you'd like to see or download the code from your browser you may do so here.

Please post bug reports here:

Thanks for your patience with us on this, you all rock!

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